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The Re-Creation of the Cop Car Destruction Scene
May 15, 2008

View a video of the event at Petaluma360.com

Cut! It's a take!
Get the entire video of the Cop Car Destruction scene. Much more that just the Cop Car destruction sequence, Fairstreet Films reproduced the entire scene! Filming began around 11pm Wednesday, May 14 and continued until just after 5am on Thursday, May 15. Just like in the original movie, you'll see Curt sneak up on the cops and attach the cable to the car's rear axle. Then Curt and the Pharaohs race by Jerry's Cherries and he yells out "Stand By For Justice". The cops peel out to chase them and, of course, the rear axle is torn from under the car. In the final scene, both cops are seen staring at the axle out the rear window of the car.

You'll be surprised at just how close to the original movie this scene looks....it's really cool! To order your copy of our Salute 2008 DVD that includes this scene, CLICK HERE.